History of Costume Project: 47 Rōnin Garb
Based off of Sugaya Hannojo Masatoshi, one of the Forty-Seven Ronin. 1890-1920. Japan. Colour Woodblock print. The British Museum.
During this project, I had one overarching goal on my mind, which was producing a historical haori and possibly be able to wear it afterwards too. In my recent years, I had really invested my time appreciating and learning about Japanese culture, and a particular thing that stuck out about their fashion were their historical warrior’s garbs. I took a look at a book that articled japanese fashion throughout the years and the smaller garments such as the haori was what attracted me . (Rōnins were formally samurais, serving a life of duty to their Daimyo’s (lords), but if there masters were no more, these men were then set on the path of the lone ranger. 

Fabric Content: 100% Linen
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