A Jack of many trades, carrying an arsenal of visual art and marketing skills, Theodore has worked with connecting people to different organizations through his content creation. Theodore focuses on creating content he is passionate about and ones that can hopefully pave the way for innovation for artists & designers everywhere.

Having graduated from Ryerson University for Fashion Design, Theodore has a keen interest on the different avenues of techwear and what a futuristic visualscape for fashion could look like and storytelling through art. Being particularly drawn to the theme of neo-noir/cyberpunk, he is currently working on developing a unique form of storytelling with the ambitious project of INITIATIVE. 

Other than fashion, Theodore has dipped his feet in other fields such as photography, videography, and marketing. Having been a public relations correspondent at Blackdown CTC in Borden, specifically doing photography work and coordinating social media, to helping develop conceptual designs for fashion-tech projects for the think-tank company Resolution Blue Labs, and so much more. Theodore is eager to get involved anytime something cool, exciting, and insightful presents itself. 
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